There are so many fantastic ways to challenge yourself in the big outdoors. The Three Peaks challenge is an epic fitness expedition to test your ability and endurance – along with some cracking views! It has become increasingly popular over the years and requires some serious prep and planning. The challenge is a hike that covers the highest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales – Scafell Pike, Ben Nevis and Snowdon. The goal is to scale each peak in either 36 or 24 hours with a chance to refuel during the drive to the base of each mountain. It’s a popular challenge to raise money for charity, yet it’s no small feat. The climbs are steep and it’s a test of endurance for even the fittest.

Our advice… be prepared! While it might seem daunting, there are great ways you can get started by training at home or in the gym. It goes without saying you will need to incorporate regular outdoor training in your fitness plan, however when it comes to indoor training, we are here to help with some handy tips to make sure you are at the peak of fitness – get it?

The key to this challenge is improving muscular endurance and enhancing your cardio fitness. You should start your focus on resistance training 6 – 4 months before the challenge depending on your fitness. Using a treadmill or hill climber try and up the resistance gradually to mimic the incline of the hill. Hill climbers are a great way to prepare your legs for the steeper aspects of the climb and will help to strengthen all of your leg muscles. It will also help strengthen your core which will help your balance on those rocky pathways! Improving your leg strength will be critical in your ability to complete this challenge, inject squats and lunges as intervals to keep things interesting.

As you get a couple of months away from the challenge shift your focus on to your cardio fitness. Once a week, you should include a longer training session over 60 minutes and try to introduce back-to-back exercise days to imitate the challenge, whether this is on the treadmill or cycle machine. To complete the challenge, you need to be prepared to beat the onset of fatigue and cardio strength will be key to this. Try a gradual incline on a treadmill or play around with the hill mode to keep up and incorporate your resistance training.

Mix in some HIIT workouts for variety and building cardio strength – check out our previous blog on HIIT workouts for some inspiration.  

Remember to allow your body regular rest days to recover and consult a professional if you need a little help – there is also a great guide on the three peaks website


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