It can be quite overwhelming when looking to purchase gym equipment. Any piece of kit you buy is an investment that should be worth every penny you spend. A natural misconception is that a previously owned piece of equipment will be visibly battered and you’d be lucky if it lasted you a year. Well, think again! We may be a little biased on this subject but hopefully we can shed a little light on why our refurbished machines truly are as good as new.

Full refurbishment

Equipment arrives to our workshop in a range of conditions; however, it will be subjected to the same refurbishment process designed to check every aspect of the functionally of the equipment. Here’s a little breakdown of the process… let’s take our commercial treadmill for example.  

Firstly, the treadmill will be stripped down. This involves removal of all covers, the running belt, drive and non-drive rollers, running deck, drive motor and drive belt. Once fully striped down, our engineers can focus on the cosmetics and functionality.

We clean every nook and cranny and not just the areas that are visible. Damaged guards will be expertly repaired or replaced with new. We are also are equipped with a professional spray booth and a large range of high quality, durable paints and lacquers. These facilitate restoration of damaged or imperfect bodywork to its former glory and also allow us to carry out custom paint jobs should they be required by customers.

Each moving part will be checked for mechanical soundness; this includes checking bearings in belt rollers and replacing them if necessary. The running belt will be replaced if it’s found to be showing excessive signs of wear. The deck will be inspected and either ‘flipped’, or replaced if found to be worn. The drive motor will be tested and replaced if needed. The drive belt and tension assembly will be inspected and again, replaced if deemed necessary. Finally, all electrical circuitry and wiring will be thoroughly inspected and anything that looks less-than-perfect will be rectified or replaced.

All the repair work and machine testing at Cardiokit is undertaken by our team of highly qualified electro-mechanical engineers with many years’ experience in fault finding and rectifying machine problems in countless different engineering environments. That’s right, we’re great in a crisis.


Brand new equipment is expensive, it’s the first and foremost reason why people choose to purchase refurbished equipment instead. Our equipment is up to 70% cheaper than brand new kit. Despite it being a fraction of the cost of its brand-new equivalent, our equipment will still be of an exceptional standard having undergone a rigorous refurbishment by the team.


Rest assured if any problem appears, no matter how big or small, we offer a 3-month parts and labour warranty. As a buyer, it’s a good idea to make sure you know what parts of the machine have been replaced and where those parts came from. It’s quite common for the priciest parts, such as the motor, generator and electronic features, to appear to be in good working condition at the time of the sale, but break down soon after under a brief, or very limited warranty. Used equipment is typically not sold with a warranty from the manufacturer, which puts you at a potential risk for a very steep repair bill. Although rare, it’s inevitable that an issue may arise, exactly the same risk as when you buy a brand-new piece of equipment. This is why we think its super important to offer this warranty.

Hopefully we have sold you on the idea of buying a refurbished piece of kit, however if you are still unsure please don’t hesitate to give us a call.