We love an opportunity to work with local businesses here at CardioKit. Smart Garden Offices, based just down the road in Thurston, create attractive and practical garden offices. We took a trip there to install a few pieces of kit we’ve been working on to showcase how these spaces can be used for a home gym set up.

In a 3.2m x 5.3m space we installed three pieces of kit, a Life Fitness Life Cycle bike, Life Fitness T7-0 Professional Treadmill and a Life Fitness cross-trainer. This kind of outdoor space is ideal if you like the idea of a home gym, but may not have the room indoors or simply prefer a separate place to work out. As you can see from the pics its easy to fit a good selection of kit in what you may think would be a limited space – we even had room for one of those giant bouncy balls!


If you are interested in purchasing equipment for a home set up – give us a call. We’re more than happy to talk through the space you have and how best to utilise it and we have a great selection of refurbished gym equipment ideal for a home gym.