The Coronavirus has transformed almost every aspect of the way we live our daily lives and it can be difficult to see the positives of our new ‘normal’. An industry that has seen a complete shift and disruption is the fitness world. We touched upon the online alternatives to gym workouts in the last post and now that some time has passed, it is interesting to see how we have continued to adapt to the closure of gyms with no real end in sight.

The government has recently eased the restrictions on our daily allowance of exercise, but were we making use of it in the first place? Sport England has commissioned a piece of research into the nation’s lockdown exercise habits and attitudes to fitness and it turns out people have been doing more than just binge-watching Tiger King. They found almost two thirds of adults consider exercise to be more important now during the crisis compared to before. Two thirds also believe that exercise is helping them with their mental health, an important subject we have discussed in previous posts. Walking, cycling and home workouts are now the most popular forms of exercise; Sport England’s research showed 59% of adults are using their daily allowance to go for a walk while 44% are partaking in some kind of home workout. What’s great about the latter group is that almost half of those individuals are working out with their children.

Unsurprisingly the sales of home fitness equipment have gone through the roof. With living rooms replacing the gym, here at CardioKit we have seen a considerable increase in enquiries and have been doing our best to keep up with the demand. By far the most popular equipment we have sold are treadmills and spin bikes.

Many of us have substantially more time on our hands and being able to work out at home has been a welcomed way to provide structure to our days. Looking ahead to the future it will be interesting to see whether the pandemic will have a lasting impact to gym memberships. The more we become accustomed to working out from home and consider saving the monthly membership fee could see a continued shift to home exercising when restrictions are lifted and gyms are reopened. Whether this will have a long-term impact to larger commercial gyms is uncertain, however its likely smaller, privately owned gyms will be hit the hardest financially. Alternatively, we may see a surge of footfall and new memberships; people who have been craving that community feel and others who have only just begun exercising and are desperate to maintain their new found fitness at a gym.

Regardless of which way the fitness industry moves forward, what is imperative to maintain is the positive and lasting impact on our fitness and attitudes to our health. The pandemic has seen the government encouraging regular exercise and it would appear most of us have taken full advantage. We are faced daily with reminders of the importance of keeping fit and active, both physically and mentally. This period has given us ample time to reassess our lifestyles and if we want to see a positive outcome from an incredibly difficult time, it is that we truly understand the value of being in good health.

The link to Sport England’s research is below and if you are still looking for home gym equipment keep an eye out on our website and Facebook page, drop us a message or give us a call – we’re happy to help from a 2 meter distance!