What do we mean by “Refurbished”?

Regardless of the condition of a machine when it arrives at our workshops, it will be subjected to the same tried-and-tested refurbishment process. This process is designed to check every aspect of the functionally of the equipment and, just as importantly, to ensure that on completion, it looks as close to ‘near new’ as possible.

Taking a commercial treadmill as an example, here is a brief description of the Cardiokit refurbishment process:

Firstly, the treadmill will be stripped down. This, at the very least, involves removal of all covers, the running belt, drive and non-drive rollers, running deck, drive motor and drive belt. Once fully striped down, our engineers can concentrate on the two most important aspects of machine restoration…


It is important to us that the customer receives their treadmill in as near to pristine condition as is possible, with no remnants of its former life, or evidence of former use. We endeavour to clean every nook and cranny and not just the areas that are visible. Damaged guards will be expertly repaired or replaced with new. Also at Cardiokit, we are equipped with a professional spray booth and a large range of high quality, durable paints and lacquers. These facilitate restoration of damaged or imperfect bodywork to its former glory and also allow us to carry out custom paint jobs should they be required by customers.


Each and every moving part will be checked for mechanical soundness; this includes checking bearings in belt rollers and replacing them if necessary. The running belt will be replaced if it’s found to be showing excessive signs of wear. The deck will be inspected and either ‘flipped’, or replaced if found to be worn. The drive motor will be tested and replaced if needed. The drive belt and tension assembly will be inspected and again, replaced if deemed necessary. Finally, all electrical circuitry and wiring will be thoroughly inspected and anything that looks less-than-perfect will be rectified or replaced.

All the repair work and machine testing at Cardiokit is undertaken by our team of highly qualified electro-mechanical engineers. Between them they have many years experience in faultfinding and rectifying machine problems in countless different engineering environments.


Because of all the hard work and expertise that goes into every machine we are confident that they will arrive at their new home working perfectly. Inevitably however there will be the odd occasion when things don’t quite go to plan, as of course can happen with a brand new machine. This is where our “no-quibble” 3-month parts and labour warranty comes in. If you purchase equipment from Cardiokit  you can rest assured that if you should discover any issues with your machine, one of our engineers will be on hand to rectify the problem as promptly and efficiently as possible.

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